April 16, 2011

The Intransitive to Warn

PDF fileintransitive_warn.pdf
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So far, I’ve managed to write at least one blog post per year, and 2011 shall be no exception. Leaving too many years between posts may cause your blog to seem abandoned—unless, of course, your audience is predominantly sponges (who may, in some cases, reach ages of several thousand years).

Only months after I read two Language Log posts on the topic of the intransitive use of to warn, we had a pertinent discussion in one of my English courses at the university. Later, the instructor asked me to write a little summary of the word’s usage; my abovelinked document is the result.

Please be so kind to use the comment section to comment or to apprise me of any mistakes you may find. Thank you.

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teresa.frog.applause said...

I'm honored to be your first commenter of the year!